Presentations & Workshops

The below offerings are the four main categories of programs that we offer, approved for use in Yukon schools with direct links to curriculum.
All workshops follows health & safety guidelines, have no cost, can be done virtually or in person, and can range between 45 min to 2 hours.

What are the trades and technology careers?

Providing an introduction to the trades & technology sectors, offering the opportunity to explore the meaningful and rewarding diversity of careers available for their future.

How do I get into trade & technology careers?

Provides information on next steps of education and training to inform career-life choices for post graduation in relation to trades and technology careers.

What is a Skills Club? How do I start one?

Skills Clubs are extra-curricular programs run by teachers and industry professionals who want to engage youth in the opportunities that Trades and Technology can offer. They can provide participants with the opportunity to experiment with different trades. Maybe it is designing and building a park bench, maybe it’s learning how to code, cooking fresh pasta or mechanics. We will work with you to get youth engaged in their learning – out of their chair and onto their feet!

Step 1

Are you an educator or community volunteer with an interest in the skilled Trades & Technology sectors? Decide which skill(s) you would like to share! ex. Hairstyling, Carpentry, Cooking.

Step 2

Reach out to our Program Coordinator to register your Skills Club. Let us know what you are interested in and upon approval, you can start recruiting participants!

Step 3

Outfit your Skills Club with materials and supplies!
We are here to support you. Our Program Coordinator will discuss how we can ensure that your participants are well equipped. ex. safety equipment, camera rental, grocery supplies

Past Skills Clubs

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Girl's Group: Building Skateboards at Porter Creek Secondary School, Whitehorse
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Shed building in Haines Junction
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Electrical Installations training for the Territorial Skills Competition at Yukon University
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Hairstyling training for the National Skills Competition at Kutters Hairstyling, Whitehorse
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Baking club at Vanier Secondary School, Whitehorse
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Cooking club at Robert Service School, Dawson City

Territorials & National Skills Competition

Our biggest event of the year! Every Spring, we transform a regular space into an Olympic-style trades and technology competition zone! Over 50 competitors, both secondary students and apprentices, from across the territory showcase their talented skills for a spot to represent Team Yukon at the Skills Canada National Competition!

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Past Competitors

Lowell Tait - Heavy Equipment Service - 2016-17
David Lister - Mechanical CADD - 2010-18
Scott Novak - Welding - 2014-16
Jodie Thomson - Graphic Design - 2010
James Croken - Workplace Safety - 2019
Morgan Madden - Hairstyling - 2018

Past competitions

Territorial Electrical Installation medalists and coaches

Secondary level cooking competitor and NTC member

Carpentry competitor in 2021 Territorial Skills Competition

Cardboard Boat & Sled Races

Teams of 4 were are given limited supplies to create a boat and/or sled for the annual races! The experience helps develop new skills, in addition to strengthening leadership, teamwork and problem solving ability. Interested in hosting a race at your school? Contact us directly!