Skills Competences Canada

We are a part of the national association, Skills Competences Canada, which has offices in each territory and province in Canada. Their missions is to encourage and support a coordinated Canadian approach to promoting skilled trades and technologies to youth. Winners from our Territorial Skills Competition go on to the Skills Canada National Competition, hosted by Skills Competences Canada.

What we do & who we do it with

We engage with Yukoners across the territory through Skills Clubs, hands-on workshops, in-school presentations, and competitions. We showcase trades and technology training in exciting and creative ways, while supporting teachers and volunteers to offer content that engages and inspires students. 

We work with mentors, coaches, and volunteers, partners in industry and education, and all levels of government to invest in Yukon’s next generation of skills tradespeople.  We work together to connect Yukon youth with hands-on opportunities to explore meaningful and rewarding careers in skilled trades and technologies.

Board of Directors (2023-24)

Our board represents voices from industry, education, and government sectors. The Board meets regularly, and an annual general meeting is held each July.

While it’s not a requirement, board members generally take a lead role in planning and executing competitions.

Doug McRae, President, RSE Heavy Equipment Technician
Dominic Devigne, Vice-President, RSE Carpenter
Marlene Croken, Secretary
Driss Adrao, Treasurer, Apprentice Cook
Dr. Patrick Rouble, Director
Dilan Parker, Director, RSE Sheet Metal Worker
Ryan Cumming, Director, RSE Cook
Lorraine McRae, Director
Joe Calnan, Director, Carpentry Instructor
Kelsey Schmidt, Director, RSE Heavy Equipment Technician

Are you interested in joining the board?

Please contact for more information.

National Technical Committee (2023-24)

The National Technical Committee (NTC) is an operational and advisory committee for Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC). The purpose of the committee is to formalize a competition development process, which will ensure a positive experience for competitors, instructors, judges and technical committee members.

Sky Pearson - Welding
Tyler Bradford - Mobile Robotics
Ammanda Partridge -
Ryan Cumming
- Cooking
Erik Pinkerton - Photography
Elizabeth Schalko - Hairstyling
Doug McRae - Heavy Vehicle Technology
Dilan Parker - Sheet Metal Work
David Lister - Mechanical Engineering CADD
Dan Scobie - Plumbing
Corey France
- Carpentry
Aaron France
- Electrical Installations

If you are interested in becoming an NTC Member

Please contact

National Alumni Commitee (2022-23)

The National Alumni Committee (NAC) is comprised of Skills Canada alumni from each province and territory. NAC will ensure that the best interests of their member associations are met and that each of their voices are heard. The Skills Alumni Associations will benefit their members through industry connections, exposure, as well as alumni specific volunteering and networking opportunities.

Connor Kaszycki - Electrical Installations 2022 National Gold Medalist
Our mission is to promote trades and technology careers as a top choice option for Yukoners.

Alumni spotlight

Photo of Dominic Devigne

Dominic Devigne - Carpentry

"The skills that I’m able to learn from just working are irreplaceable. I can help friends with projects at home and build myself whatever I want on my own time."

Photo of Cadence Hartland

Cadence Hartland - Hairstyling

“I started exploring trades two years ago when I joined my first Skills Yukon trades summer camp. I knew nothing about trades before this camp. I had no clue trades were a thing. After the 5 day camp I felt way more educated about how trades work, and how to get into trades. I’ve participated in trades camps, all girls welding, hair club, and competitions.”

Naomi Mark's photo

Naomi Mark - TV/Video

"I experimented with video production during high school and found that I loved the process. From writing through to production, filmmaking includes a lot of my favorite activities and quickly became a major creative outlet for me. It is also endlessly challenging and requires focus, attention to detail and a lot of creativity and I really enjoy those challenges."

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Riley Hildebrand - Heavy Equipment Technology

"A regular day? Never had one. That’s what I like about my job. One day I could be troubleshooting issues with a modern natural gas engine and the next could involve crawling into a hydro turbine performing inspections. It puts all areas of my trade to the test and pushes me to become a better technician every day."

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Joel Stacey - Carpentry

"My trade has allowed me to work with all kinds of interesting people from all over the world and this has helped make me a more open-minded person. I have been lucky to work all over Canada in my current job; there has never been a boring day so far!"  

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Bell Laosomboon - Cooking

"The best part of my trade is the dynamics involved. Although it may apply to other trades as well, I find that cooking has so many opportunities. There is so much variation that no two days need to be the same if I choose. Endless combinations of ingredients and processes make each meal an exciting adventure in itself."

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Morgan Madden - Hairstyling

"I have had lots of interesting projects! Colour corrections and doing fashion colours on clients usually takes multiple appointments, or at least a day to a half-day of work. I love the challenge and to see the process the hair goes through to reach the client’s goal."

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James Croken - Workplace Safety

"Skills Canada Yukon has brought prowess and ingenuity that helps me day to day"

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Lowell Tait - Heavy Equipment Technology

"The challenges I faced at Skills Canada are similar scenarios that I face daily on the job. It's a great way for you to challenge your skills and meet others in the trade"