Presentations & Workshops

The below offerings are the four main categories of programs that we offer, approved for use in Yukon schools with direct links to curriculum. All workshops follows health & safety guidelines, have no cost, can be done virtually or in person, and can range between 45 min to 2 hours.

What are the trades and technology careers?

Providing an introduction to the trades & technology sectors, offering the opportunity to explore the meaningful and rewarding diversity of careers available for their future.

How do I get into trade & technology careers?

Provides information on next steps of education and training to inform career-life choices for post graduation in relation to trades and technology careers.

Who is in the trades & technology careers?

Provides the opportunity to reflect on and explore diverse local perspectives, and better understand the impact of the trades on our community.

Experience the trades!

Provides an opportunity for hands on and immersive experiences with different trades and technology careers, helping develop the awareness of one's interest, strengths, and skills.

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