Mechanical Engineering CAD

Skills & Knowledge to be tested

Secondary & Post Secondary Level

  • Use CAD software to produce drawings that comply with the ASME Y 14.5M1994 Standard.
  • Use CAD software to produce 3D parametric models.
  • Dimension and tolerance drawings to industry standards including Geometric Dimesnioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).
  • Create a rendered image of your final project.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of designing components for rapid prototype product development (3D printing)
  • Create animations of mechanical assemblies and render video files of those animations
  • Knowledge and ability to generate input files for 3D printing (G-Code) using the latest version of CURA 3D printing software (
Leif Blake (Silver medal at 2019 National Skills Competition) & David Lister (2x Gold medalist, 2x Silver medalists National Skills Competition; Bronze Medalist at Americas Skills Competition)